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SUMAC Pharma

Good Health is always our goal. We see medicines not just as molecules but as a means to help patients regain their health. As part of the pharmaceutical industry we are aware of our role to ensure good health can be delivered to the needy. At SUMAC, we constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality medicines. We are devoted to provide proper care for the people in need.

Why We're Better

We compete with World class global brands with regard to our quality and standards.
We pioneer and consistently progress better manufacturing methods so as to enhance the pharmacokinetic property of the drug which assists in ‘better therapeutic efficacy’, patient adaptation and access to anyone & everyone.

SUMAC Symbolises Trust, Values, Integrity and Transparency


Our mission is to provide superior health care and medicine at an affordable range.


We have many satisfied customers whose trust is on us. We gained the trust with our Quality.


Our vision is to keep on assisting and caring humanity on a global level through tough times as well as good ones and to safeguard one life time at a time.


Our integrity lies in our services and our duty to serve mankind.

About Us

Sumac was established in 1993 with the aim of providing quality medical care to the massive population of our nation, our primary asset is creating high quality brands that are easily accessible to ordinary people.

Sumac was the dream of aspiring entrepreneurs coming from humble background who started as stockists of diverse firms.


Our Address

5-5-35/54/B1, Plot No:200, Prashanti Nagar,
Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500 072.

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04023078302 (Office)

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